From 1600 $FJD to 2500 $FJD per day all inclusive. The price depends on the number of guests and where we go, you can have more information contacting us at :, on the contact page or give us a call +(679) 8095307

Day trip

If you are looking for a place to host an event of any kind (birthday party, business gathering, bachelor party, etc…), we can welcome up to 25 guests on the boat. The day trip package includes :

  • lunch
  • island/sandbar excursions
  • snorkeling

Day trips lasts 6 hours, departure from Denerau Marina, Nadi, Fiji.

Live aboarded trip

For live aboarded trips, there is room for 6 guests. As described here, our crew will sail you to the most stunning places in Fiji. You will have a fair amount activities to attend to :

  • surfing, Fiji’s reputation when it comes to surfing is well deserved. World-class waves and World Surf League event are a proof of this reputation. You might get the session or your life out there.
  • spearfishing in Mamanuca Islands, Yasawa Islands, Coral Coast , Cloudbreak. We really never get let down when it comes to spearfishing in Fiji. Plenty of fish and beautiful reefs.
  • fishing. Our boat speed is 6 kts average but can do up to 8 kts. Although not the ideal game fishing boat, we do catch our share.
    Outside reefs of Momi Bay
    Coral Coast, Yasawa Islands.
  • scuba diving
  • snorkeling
  • dolphine and whale watching
  • kayaking
  • village/island tours*

Trips can last between 1 – 20 days , departure usially from Denerau Marina, Nadi, Fiji but we are able to make any other arrangements that suit you.

* Fiji has a rich history of seafarers, such as Captain Bligh of the famous Bounty, and Captain Cook, all who feared the local cannibals.

Today there are no more canibals. The local Fijians have transformed into some of the friendliest people on the planet, having a unique social system where everyone is taken care of in one great big family.

Fiji is one of the most ideal waters to cruise in on a sailing vessel. With over 300 islands surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, vast sandy bays and some of the best surfing waves to be found

Before playing in the sea or walking on the islands, a traditional sevu sevu has to be attended. Whereby the visitors are introduced to the village chief and drink kava during the traditional ceremony. Once accepted, the visitors will be free to walk around the village and island, swim, snorkel and have fun.

Available dates

Here is a calendar of our disponibilities, we keep it as updated as much as possible. Feel free to contact us for more information.