A genuine Bula smile welcomes you to a tropical paradise. Where stunning, palm lined, white sand beaches greet picturesque, turquoise lagoons. Whether it be a relaxing family holiday, the surf trip of a lifetime, an enriching cultural experience or all of the above, Fiji is an ideal destination.

Sunset cruise on ‘Grazia’



The original builder of Grazia, a true South African legend. His youth was filled with motorcycle and surf adventures all around South Africa during the 70s. Now he is a real ‘man of the sea’ one of the friendliest, most positive human beings that you will ever meet.


Skipper of Grazia, Richard grew up surfing and sailing Grazia all around the world. He has some incredible stories from his travels, and when he’s not on the boat you’ll probably find him in the surf line up. He loves to play musical instruments and is always up for a jam session.


A true ‘jack of all trades’. Temo grew up away from civilisation in Taveuni, where he learnt to farm and live off the land. Now he loves to sail and is a key member of our team. He is full of traditional Fijian stories and always keeping us entertained. One of his passions is cooking, he creates some true delicacies in the kitchen, Fiji style!