Our boat – Grazia

Grazia is our traditional Polynesian design Catamaran.  In certain circles, these boats are regarded as the 4x4s of the seas. Wahrams are one of the safest and most comfortable vessels of their class. The design focuses on the Green methods of operations. Solar and wind energy  supply reverse osmosis purified drinking water. The boat has  3 master cabins with double beds, and 2 single cabins, with 3 beds. A lounge/dining area with a full kitchen setup as well as a Smart TV and Wifi for those of you who willing to share their amazing day. In the cockpit we have a Fusion Marine Sound System for music.


Live on board


Beside all the surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling you will get all day long, life on board is a big part of the day. We have 2 deep water kayaks and a stand up paddle board at your disposition. You will be able to come and go as you please to the nearest island we stop by.

We also have snorkelling gear for everyone and extra surfboards/surf equipment, the boat is suitable for all kinds of adventures.


Food & Drinks

Food is fully catered. We focus on fresh, healthy and natural cuisine with tropical flavors. But let us know what kind of food you enjoy and we will design a menu to suit your preferences.

The crew


The original builder of Grazia, a true south african legend. His youth is filled with motorcycle and surf adventures all around South Africa during the 70s(the hippie era) Now he is a real ‘man of the sea’ one of the friendliest, most positive human beings that you will ever meet.




Grew up sailing on boats and surfing in many different places in the world, loves to play musical instruments and will join any jam session.





A true ‘jack of all trades’. Temo grew up away from civilization in aveuni where he learnt to farm and live off the land. Now he loves to sail and is a key member of our team! He is full of traditional Fijian stories and always keeping us entertained. One of his passions is cooking, he creates some true delicasies in the kitchen!